Turf Care Services

Lawn Treatments, Fertilizer, Insecticides, Herbicides, and irrigation management.

Turf care specialist, we know how turf grows,   

Our Lawn Spraying program is Comprehensive Approach for the year 

Fertilizing when needed and applying the right chemical(herbicide, insecticide)  at the right time.  Checking and adjusting the irrigation as needed.

Want a beatiful yard?  Landscaper, Mowing Service and Turf Care, Jacksonville, Florida. Ponte Vedra, Florida. Orange Park, Florida.


We recommend 1x weekly if needed at most in the fall, winter and spring, 2x weekly if needed in the Summer depending on the Rain....

WATERING DAYS ALLOWED by FLORIDA guidelines; do not over water, 3/4 inch per cycle

odd addresses are Saturday and Wenesday. 

Even addresses are Sunday and Thursday.

Soil types will vary, also shade lawns do not require as many cycles...

  iSprayLawn.com ---Fertilizing, applying insecticide and herbicide---  at the right time and the right amount. Total Yard Experience LLC. Our Turf care service includes irrigation checks and adjustments, JAX, FL..

Fungus? Brown Patch, Chinch Bugs, Dry spots and dead grass common LAWN PROBLEMS, our spray service specializes in turf programs specially design for North Florida Lawns-

ST. AUGUSTINE grass is the most common.